Saturday, May 5, 2007

Loose Change

Maybe once a year if I get around to it, or the jar/console in my car is overflowing, I take my loose change to a CoinStar machine. Problem with that of course is CoinStar takes a % of the money, but rolling it myself takes lots of time and the dang machine always jams. So I'm stuck wondering, is there an efficient way to get use out of my spare change?

I had a buddy who's family used to put all their change in this BIG TUB, and every 2-3 years when it got full they would take all the money in it and go on a family vacation. Seemed like a pretty fun way to put spare change to use and get something out of it; something the whole family can participate in.

What do you do with your spare change? Any good/fun/interesting ideas about what to do with it?


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